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Big Event LED display solutions are capable of helping customers create unforgettable public events with large audience with the ultimate visual experience. Rental product use for stage, especially live events, a huge screen can unlock the limitation of the viewing distance as well as the site being used for the events.


The control room belongs to the field of professional display High-performance LED displays with superior visibility, mission -criticaldesign and redundant power supply provide reliable monitoring and campus properties. Real-time visual analysis to improve clarity and understanding. And our products can do signal power double backup, to ensure the work of LED display.


The digital transformation is changing the higher education. In order to create a strong impression, refine the student experience,to promote student identification, universities are modernizing their facilities or building new facilities with amenities and technological upgrades to support the students' experience.


Meeting room Display all-in-one LED conference display. touchable and handwriting. Through integrating conference control systems and security systems with Smart Conference Display Series for all sizes of meetings.


Fine Pitch LED renders speechless impression of Bar/Hotel/ Restaurant with unobtrusive visuals like a virtual fish tank, or beautiful visuals. Advertising and cross selling your products and services in addition providing useful information to your guests.


Hording Display is for marketing and branding, high-end LED display, less maintenace and more durable for all weather. Get your products and services displayed for whole community to increase visibility.


It's a wise decision keeping LED Display on commercial or high-rise building/ which can attracts the attention of more potential customers and increase the possibility of business cooperation. Cost of using LED displays is much lower than other forms of advertising, easy to switch multiple brands from your mobile device, complete weather proof and low maintenance


Shopping mall: Continuous products/services display at Exhibition halls, Retail chain, brand owners, Supermarkets. Display for all kinds of film & TV entertainment theme parks, Commercial complex.


Event Illumination

Event Illumination

Elevate your events to unforgettable heights with our state-of-the-art LED panels, adding a touch of brilliance to every moment.
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